Arizona Charlie's Boulder Casino Hotel & RV Park
4575 Boulder Highway
Las Vegas, NV 89121
(888) 236-9066

Date of Visit: JULY, 2005

An unexpected layover in Las Vegas had me looking, last minute, for a room during tourist season. A friend in Vegas suggested and booked me into Arizona Charlie’s Boulder. There are two Arizona Charlie’s Hotels in Las Vegas. The one in which I stayed and the other on Decatur. Both are off strip, which means that their prices are more reasonable than those hotels on or near the strip. It also means that you are far from all of the “fun” stuff that The Strip provides, too. So, if you’re in Las Vegas for The Strip, and you’re relying on taxis or shuttles, then you probably won’t be happy with either Arizona Charlie’s. They’re both far enough away that: 1) it is a hassle to drive to, and park at, The Strip if you have a car; 2) it is a hassle to deal with taxis and/or buses to get there. However, if you’re only concerned with a room (as in you’re in town for a conference) or just gambling - and it doesn’t matter where- then Arizona Charlie’s may be for you since it is a gamblers retreat.

This 75,000 square foot casino boasts slots, a sports book, 24-hour bingo parlor and table games. In addition to the hotel, its restaurants and casino, there is an attached RV park. This Arizona Charlie’s is located about six miles from the Strip (traveling along highways,) and approximately 8 miles through the city from McCarran International Airport (a 15 minute drive.)

All rooms feature computer dataports in addition to standard amenities like cable TV, in-room movies and alarm clocks. Hair dryers, irons and ironing boards and coffeemakers are only available upon request. In addition, all of the rooms have exterior room entrances - a real detractor to this Runaway Reviewer since the hotel is not in the best part of town.

The hotel’s check in area is small but was not crowded and time in line was minimal. I was pleasantly surprised that, despite having made my telephone reservation only minutes before, check in was smooth and quick. The front desk not only had everything ready to go, but they upgraded me to a suite as well.

However, check-in was about the most pleasant part of my stay. The room was shabby. While clean (as in maid service clean) carpets, furnishings and bedspread all bore stains of questionable repute. The room was large and spacious but not even that could muffle the noise from outdoors that seemed to go on all night.

The next morning found me winding my way to the Wild West Buffet in the main building - or perhaps “blindly winding my way” is a better description for I very nearly needed radar to navigate through the cigarette smoke. Now, understand that all of the casinos permit smoking but I have yet to go to one that was so filled with smoke that the atmosphere within is actually gray. Whether from poor ventilation or some other reason, the main building (including the Wild West Buffet) was filled with enough cigarette smoke to give a smokehouse an asthma attack. If you can’t tolerate smoke, you don’t want to go anywhere near the main building beyond check-in (and, thankfully, check-out can be accomplished in your room via your television set.)

However, this intrepid Runaway Reviewer had no car, no ride and no where else to eat so, off I went to the Wild West Buffet. The interior is a typical buffet with booths arranged in spokes that radiate out from the serving area. However, the décor looks more like a Tuscan theme than the Wild West, with ornate chandeliers hanging down from between silk greenery and trompe l’oeil murals on the wall. The food was good (what can you do to breakfast?) but selection was very limited. Still, you get your money’s worth for $5.29 ($4.29 if you’re an Ultimate Rewards member) and my hostess was extremely friendly and attentive.

Other onsite restaurants include the Sourdough Cafe, the Yukon Grille and Charlie’s Cheesesteak Deli. For entertainment, the Palace Grand Lounge bills itself as providing “...the best in award-winning local entertainment.”

Hotel amenities include:

Computer Dataports

Arizona Charlie’s is all about one thing: gambling. If all you need is an inexpensive room so that you can partake of the tables, or tend to business in the city, then this is your place. If you’re looking for nearby eateries, entertainment or even basic hotel amenities then you might want to look elsewhere. Room prices range from downright cheap to inexpensive (depending upon the season.) Mother was right - you really do get what you pay for.

Our rating: 1 Dashe out of 5.


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